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22 Dec 1993





Philadelphia, released on 22 Dec 1993, consists of a playlist of 22 credited songs, from various artists including Bruce Springsteen, Sensible Shoes and Indigo Girls. The original score is composed by Howard Shore.

List of Songs

Streets of PhiladelphiaBruce Springsteen
Yes Means YesSensible Shoes
I Don't Wanna Talk About ItIndigo Girls
PhiladelphiaNeil Young
Non Temer Amato BeneWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Laudate DominumBarbara Hendricks
Dulcissimum ConviviumWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
All The WayGary Goetzman
Please Send Me Someone To LoveSade
It's In Your EyesPauletta Washington
Have You Ever Seen The RainThe Spin Doctors
Ibo Lele (Dreams Come True)Lucia Popp
Agnus DeiWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mr. SandmanThe Flirtations
O Nume TutelarMaria Callas
Sister RosaThe Neville Brothers
La Mamma MortaMaria Callas
Ecco: Respiro AppenaMaria Callas
Ebben? Ne Andro LontanaMaria Callas
LovetownPeter Gabriel
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenCyril Watters

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barbara_dunn2 years ago
what is the aria Tom Hanks is listening to in his living room in Philadelphia?
guest3 years ago
What is the song at the costume party at Tom hamks house and he is dancing with his boyfriend

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