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23 Mar 1990





Pretty Woman, released on 23 Mar 1990, consists of a playlist of 40 credited songs, from various artists including Prince, Lauren Wood and Go West. The original score is composed by James Newton Howard.

List of Songs

FallenLauren Wood
King of Wishful ThinkingGo West
Real Wild Child (Wild One)Christopher Otcasek
Wild Woman DoNatalie Cole
Fame 90David Bowie
It Must Have Been LoveRoxette
No ExplanationsPeter Cetera
SongbirdKenny G
Five for LouieKaren Hernandez, Eugene Wright and Earl Palmer
Show Me Your SoulRed Hot Chilli Peppers
Life in DetailRobert Palmer
Vivaldi: Winter (The Four Seasons)Lee Ashley
Richard Gere's Piano SoloRichard Gere
You Don't UnderstandGrand Dominion Jazz Band
Vivaldi: Autumn (The Four Seasons)Lee Ashley
Oh, Pretty WomanRoy Orbison
TangledJane Wiedlin
Vivaldi: Spring (The Four Seasons)Lee Ashley
One Sweet Letter From YouGrand Dominion Jazz Band
She Rescues Him RIght BackThomas Pasatieri
Selections from La TraviataGiuseppe Verdi

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guesta year ago
Music on the patio
guest2 years ago
Have you noticed that Richard Gere's piano solo is influenced by Benjamin Britten's Holiday Diary Op. 5: IV. Night?
guest2 years ago
What's the song called at the end of the film when Richard turns up in his car and climbs the fire escape
guest2 years ago
The version of Oh! Pretty Woman played in the dress shop scene is NOT by Roy Orbison. It’s a modern cover, but I haven’t seen a credit for the band anywhere! Anybody know?
guest2 years ago
what is the song playing when they fly to see the opera. (not sure if it went thru the first time i asked)
guest2 years ago
what is the song playing when they fly to see the opera
guest2 years ago
The song toward end of movie with the lyrics "It's over now"?
guest2 years ago
Background music when Vivian and Edward in bed
guest2 years ago
What is the song playing in the background when Vivian and Richard Gere take a Lear jet to see the opera?
sulait mallick5 years ago
what is the background music playing when vivian ask richard gere not to go to work and the whole date scene.
guest5 years ago
Where vivian(julia roberts) is in the tub singing a song.....does anyone know what this song is??

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