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Gangs of New York (2002) Soundtrack

14 Dec 2002





Gangs of New York, released on 14 Dec 2002, consists of a playlist of 42 credited songs, from various artists including Otha Turner and The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, Peter Gabriel and The Dhol Foundation. The original score is composed by Howard Shore.

List of Songs

Shimmy She WobbleOtha Turner and The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band
Signal to NoisePeter Gabriel
Drummers ReelThe Dhol Foundation
Dark Moon, High TideAfro Celt Sound System
New Careless LoveSonny Terry
New York GirlsPiermario De Dominicis, Vincenzo Appolloni, Massimo Greco and Stefano Petra
Brooklyn HeightsHoward Shore & Ray Chen
Lament for the Dead of the NorthDavy Spillane
Koukou FrappeBadara N'Diaye
Dan TuckerNathan Frazier and Frank Patterson
Lilly Bell QuickstepBeatrice Pradella, Marco Libanori and Angelo Giuliani
Hallelujah/Amazing GraceAlabama Sacred Harp Convention
Saor-FreeAfro Celt Sound System
Poontang Little, Poontang SmallJimmie Strothers
Last Rose of SummerLos Lobos
Morrison's Jig/LibertyMariano De Simone
Pigeon on the GateDan Costescu
CantataJeff Atmajian
Unconstant LoverMaura O'Connell
Baidin FheidhlimiBono
Lament for Staker WallaceEileen Ivers
A Mighty Fortess is Our GodPiergiorgio Ambrosi
Pakwach Acholi Bwala DanceDavid Fanshawe
The White CockadeFranco D'Aniello, Marco Libanori and Angelo Giuliani
Belle of the Mohawk ValeFranco D'Aniello, Marco Libanori and Angelo Giuliani
Durgen ChugaaShu-De
Paddy's LamentationLinda Thompson
Uncle Tom's ReligionFrancesco Moneri
Beijing Opera MusicAnxi Jiang
BreakawayJohn Work
Gospel TrainThe Silver Leaf Quartet
Late at Midnight, Just a Little 'Fore DayFife and Drum Band
ChilumiDr. Hukwe Zawose
DionysusJocelyn Pook
The Murderer's HomeJimpson and Group
Guide Me O Thou Great JehovahIke Caudill
The Hands That Built AmericaU2
Kerry SlidesThe Cheiftains

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guest2 years ago
What was the melody (in Di Caprio last monologue) in the ending exactly before u2 theme song?
guest2 years ago
The. American music played in the Chinese place after bill tells the Chinese to be quiet. What song is that?
guest3 years ago
What black singer was featured singing dream on. In the movie king of new york?

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