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Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005) Soundtrack

9 Nov 2005





Get Rich or Die Tryin', released on 9 Nov 2005, consists of a playlist of 40 credited songs, from various artists including Chaka Khan, Sha Money X.L., Derek Prosper and Kenyatta Beasley and 50 Cent ft. Young Buck. The original score is composed by Gavin Friday.

List of Songs

I Feel for YouChaka Khan
Get Rich Opening LogosSha Money X.L., Derek Prosper and Kenyatta Beasley
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy50 Cent ft. Young Buck
Best Friend (Feat. Olivia)50 Cent
(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)Beastie Boys
I'm DangerousCraig G and Sha Money X.L.
Gotta Get Out Of Hell50 Cent
The Bridge is OverScott La Rock & KRS-One
I Can't Live Without My RadioLL Cool J
Pass the DutchieMusical Youth
9mm Goes BandKRS-One and Scott La Rock
You a ShooterMobb Deep ft. 50 Cent
I'll Be Around (Whenever You Want Me)The Spinners
Hustler's Ambition50 Cent
They Callin' Me Handsome50 Cent
I Don't Know Officer50 Cent ft. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc and Mase
Window Shopper50 Cent
Eeany Meany Miney Mo50 Cent
When It Rains it Pours50 Cent
King of NYCMichael Miller and James 'J2' White
Good LifeBleu Davinci ft. Azure
I Need YouFrankie Beverly and Maze
Fake LoveTony Yayo
Everybody Loves the SunshineRoy Ayers
Get LowLloyd Banks

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