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Rivers of Babylon - The Melodians

Rivers of Babylon

The Melodians


First song as Jack (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) talks to his friend in the car as they talk about his blind date with Connie.

All We Ask - Grizzly Bear

All We Ask

Grizzly Bear


Jack drives a woman customer to a clothes store and waits outside. She tells him to dress for success and Jack gets ready for his date.


Jack walks Connie to a cab after their date. They talk about boating in the snow.

About Face - Grizzly Bear

About Face

Grizzly Bear


Connie (Amy Ryan) is practicing and learning to do her new call centre job.

Southern Point - Grizzly Bear

Southern Point

Grizzly Bear


Connie is taking the subway to work and is attacked by a man.

Didn't I - Darondo

Didn't I



Song when Liz comes home to find Tom tied up and tortured.

Hello, Young Lovers - Mel Torme

Hello, Young Lovers

Mel Torme


Clyde walks out of the mens room at the hotel and finds a function.

Eat Yourself - Goldfrapp

Eat Yourself



Jack is learning to swim in the pool. He is kicking with the kick board. He visualizes swimming on an overpass over the highway.

Clarinet Quartet, K. 374f in E Minor: III Rondo: Allegretto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Jack is buying groceries with Lucy for the date.

Fine for Now - Grizzly Bear

Fine for Now

Grizzly Bear


Jack prepares the food for his date while listening to his headphones.

Dearly Departed - DeVotchKa

Dearly Departed



Connie tells Jack he's sexy. Continues at the swimming pool as Jack watches a man with no legs enter the pool. He continues to learn to cook and practices the dishes.

Oliver James - Fleet Foxes

Oliver James

Fleet Foxes

1h 4m

Song after Connie arrives at Jack's for the dinner date. Lucy brings out the hookah and starts smoking. Jack continues to cook.

Where Is My Love - Cat Power

Where Is My Love

Cat Power

1h 6m

Clyde arrives back at the apartment with a bottle of whisky and makes a toast. They all take a hit from the hookah. Just before Jack burns his dinner in the oven.

White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes

1h 21m

Song when Jack and Connie have sex. Montage after as Jack goes swimming and they go boating together.

Peace Piece - Bill Evans

Peace Piece

Bill Evans

1h 25m

Song during the end credits.

Blue Moon - Dave's True Story

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