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Rookie Blue Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 3

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Season 3

Episode 3 • A Good Shoot

Keys - Desktop Rulers

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Dov & Chris test drive a car; Andy & Sam debate whether Traci will get the detective rotation.

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Sam checks in with Frank regarding the shooting victim; Frank & Oliver observe the basketball game.

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Gail & Nick have a shopping cart nearly dropped on them; Frank orders Noelle back to the station; Roland confronts Frank over Tyler's shooting.

Through My Days

Andrew James O'Brien

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Noelle tells Frank she agrees to take a desk job; Gail offers Nick a ride home and tells him her rules; Dov stops by the memorial for Tyler.

Ang Musika

Santa Guerrilla

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Dov runs into a convenience store to get licorice.

Paper Boy - Peter Jackson

Paper Boy

Peter Jackson

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Roland asks Frank about Tyler's shooting & warns him there could be trouble; Nick & Gail consult with Frank over the mood of the crowd.

Do That Boy (remix) - Peter Jackson

Do That Boy (remix)

Peter Jackson

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Oliver & Nick are filled in on some local people; Frank runs into an old friend, Roland.


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