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Rookie Blue Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 2

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Season 4

Episode 2 • Homecoming


The Meds

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Nick asks Gail to move in with him.

Everyone C'mon - The New Black Tea

Everyone C'mon

The New Black Tea

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Andy & Traci race each other down the running path, then catch up on what happened while Andy was undercover; Marlo introduces herself to Andy; Nick bribes Gail into his truck, then she yells at him for not contacting her for six months.

Remember - Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers

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Sam gives Andy a ride to The Penny.

Run For Your Life

The Meds

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Andy watches as Marlo meets up with Sam; Chloe introduces herself to Dov then orders tequila.

Don't Deny It - Donovan Woods

Don't Deny It

Donovan Woods

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The crowd cheers after Noelle's speech; Chloe encourages Dov to do another shot; Chris contemplates his transfer; Frank tries to get in the men's room as Chloe & Dov make out in one of the stalls; Oliver tells Andy not to give up on Sam.


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