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Animal Kingdom Soundtrack [2016]

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Season 3

Season 3 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 3

Love & Hate Michael Kiwanuka | Album Cover

Love & Hate

Michael Kiwanuka


E11 • Jackpot

The Devil You Know

X Ambassadors

Step Ahead (feat. Son Little)


Recent Discussion

What is the song in season 3, before the Shootout, as they walk into the big garage?

2 months ago

E10Off The Tit

What was the song playing when he told his dad he was gay?

3 years ago

What song played on episode 11 when smurf saved pope

3 years ago

What song is playing when Nicky shoots herself on Animal Kingdom

3 years ago

What is the last song in season 3 episode 11?

3 years ago

what was the music in backround played when craig and his brothers ripped off the brazilians

4 years ago

who wrote the song carnival played in season 3 episode 6 in animal kingdom

4 years ago

What is the song at the beginning with the drone shot of the skyscrapers

4 years ago

What is the name of the song where deran talk to billie in the bar after ren told to craig she's pregnant

4 years ago

What is the song when deran and j jump out of the plane?

4 years ago

there are 3 songs in this episode and you didnt write the one which plays at the end of the episode just before cast.

5 years ago

At 12:02 what music is playing as they are paddling out to the waves?

5 years ago

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Alexis & Sam, Samuel Jones, Alexis Marsh




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