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Episode 3

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Episode 3 • FUA...Good Night!

Suga (From "Star") [Remix]

Star Cast

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Carlotta and the girls listen to Ayana's producers remix version of their song in disgust; (repeats) Big Trouble performs at the Underground mall; Jahlil asks Carlotta for a chance to produce the girls again.

Ratchet Life (From "Star" Season 2)

Star Cast

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Alex dazes out as she sings and flashback to the good times of past.

Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You

Star Cast

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Patrons enjoy the music of the girls as they sing at the shop as they get ready.

Pull Up (From "Star" Season 2) [feat. Luke James]

Star Cast

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The girls sing backup for Noah then take over his preformance and make it their own; Ayana smirks in hatred while Carlotta rejoyices.

I'm Every Woman - Chaka Khan

I'm Every Woman

Chaka Khan

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Carlotta and the girls celebrate having been given the rights to choose their own producers and writers.

Pull Up

Star Cast

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The girls sing together as they head out from the shop with Alex heading home and Star taking Simone back to the detention center.


Kendrick Lamar

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Noah practices at the dance studio when Star arrives, she admits her faults to him then kisses him; Alex crawls into head with Derek, they begin to get intimate.



5 years ago

How can I download the songs

0 replies


6 years ago

What is the song the girls and Noah are competing for to sing before Salon's re-open?

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7 years ago

Does anyone know what song played at the beginning of this episode? When Cotten was in jail? It sounds like Iggy but I couldn’t even get Siri to figure out the song.

1 replies

Alyssa (GUEST)

4 months ago

I been tryna figure out the same song

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