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9-1-1 Soundtrack [2018]

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Episode 18

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Season 5

Episode 18 • Starting Over


At the Anant Ka Aashram, a guru leads followers in the drinking of ceremonial tea when they start to question the ingredients of said tea meant to renewal and rebirth.

Magic Carpet Ride



The guru runs from his followers after they find out he dosed them with hallucinogenic mushrooms which leads him running towards a cliff.

Enjoy the View

Papi Shiitake


While not at their usual place or having their usual meal, Maddie and Chimney have an open discussion about where they're headed after their breakup.

Summer Sun (feat. AstroLogical)

Clear Mortifee


At a hair salon Dontrell works when Deena comes in to complain about her recent hair extensions; Dontrell faints after seeing what's been causing Deena so much pain.


Hannah Telle


As they have drinks, Buck and Maddie discuss Cole and Amari future with Cole having amnesia which leads into into a date on whether the movie '50 First Dates' is a romantic or comedy movie which leads them into further discussing romantic changes needs in relationships.

If I Could Build My Whole World Around You

Marvin Gaye


Amari tells an amnesic Cole about their past together; Montage of events on Amari and Cole's life from their first keeping to the car crash together that caused Cole's amnesia.

Closer to Fine

Indigo Girls


End montage of events; Karen and Hen have a vow renewal presided over by Toni and attended by their friends and loved ones; Buck and Taylor part ways; Maddie and Chimney bump into each other as their usual place, Andreas, they decide to have a family dinner together; Chris gives Eddie advice to just talk about "it" during his meeting; Bobby surprises Athena with cruise tickets; the 118 head out together on a call.


Mary C (GUEST)

a year ago

What was the title of a song that was playing at the end of the series 9-1-1, aired on 10/24/22 so beautiful!

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Lisa (GUEST)

a year ago

What’s the song on season 5, ep 17 or 18 when chummy and hen are talking on the hospital bed???

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