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The Chi Soundtrack [2018]

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Season 4

Season 4 • Episodes


Popular songs from Season 4

She Got It Jai'Len Josey | Album Cover

She Got It

Jai'Len Josey


E8 • Love Jones

Once in a Thousand Years Aaron Kaplan | Album Cover

Once in a Thousand Years

Aaron Kaplan

You Ain't Gotta Worry Jai'Len Josey | Album Cover

Recent Discussion

The song with Emmit and Tiff. When they where in the bedroom.

2 years ago

E10A Raisin in the Sun

Anyone know this? It was near the beginning you better keep your fucking voice down when you speak to me I'm equally harsh I'll have the common decency to piece you apart I know you taste defeat...

2 years ago

I’m trying to find the song that starts at 12:24 I’m in over my head and I’m drowned in with you.

2 years ago

What Wyclef Jean song was playing in Season 4 episode 10, when Douda and trig were talking? It started with “Streets have no name…”

2 years ago

Can someone PLEASEEEEEE find the song from the stair well scene with emmett and tiff when she told him that she was choosing him? Lyrics I got were " Want me to read your mind? tell me you love me. Wishing I could press rewind maybe that would help me. I feel so alone..."

2 years ago

What was the song at the dance “I can’t survive like this oh nah nah nah…. I’ll die just to hear you say you love me again… “

2 years ago

What's the song at the end of the episode that continues into the credits?

2 years ago

What was the song that Darnell was playing at Jada house

2 years ago

What is the name of the instrumental song when Keisha was in the Thrift Store where she works and was watching her co worker having a conversation with an old acquaintance?It was really smooth something like Old radio station CD 101.9 Also the jam close to the end where Keisha and co worker was at his house and she was taking pictures of him?Thanks

2 years ago

What’s the last song where of s4 e 8, where Emmett and wife are breaking up ?

2 years ago

whats the name of the song when tif was dancing with emmet

2 years ago

What’s the name of the song playing when Maisha dancing with the new dude at the party

2 years ago


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