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New Amsterdam - S1E1 Soundtrack


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  • I Got You (I Feel Good)James Brown & The Famous Flames
    James Brown & The Famous Flames
    Montage of Max getting up and jogging to work; Alain catches a taxi to the hospital; EMTs deal with a massive carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Fix YouCanyon City
    Canyon City
    Georgia and Max listen to their daughter's heartbeat; Iggy watches Jemma meet with her old foster sister; Patricia is reunited with her family; a farmer's market is set up in the hospital lobby; Laura and Alain are informed they are not infected with Ebola.


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    Help! My daughter wants to play the instrumental piece that we hear at the closing credits, but we cannot figure out who, what, when, how...well, you get the picture. :) It's a beautiful, almost melancholy piano instrumental. Any ideas what the title might be? Many thanks!
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