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Roswell, New Mexico Soundtrack [2019]

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Episode 1

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Episode 1 • Stay (I Missed You)

Carry You - Novo Amor

Carry You

Novo Amor


Recap; as the lie in bed together Max tells Liz what Noah said to him about the 'alighting'.

Santa Monica - Everclear

Santa Monica



Liz's father, Arturo, praises her on getting her dream job in Palo Alto and her finally leaving town; Maria arrives to the diner, where she tells Liz about Michael ghosting her,

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots


Rosa turns on the jukebox in The Crashdown, then starts having flashbacks to before her 'death'.

Bad Case - Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real


Mimi shows up at The Wild Pony and starts quoting the movie 'Aliens' to Maria.

Next Time - All the Brightness


Alex works at home when Michael arrives at his place to return his guitar.

Maybe A Moment - Justin Townes Earle

Maybe A Moment

Justin Townes Earle


As they head to Palo Alto, Rosa asks Liz about their mother after her "death".


Rosa changes the radio station and leads Liz on a sing-a-long as they exit Roswell.

King of the Rosemead Boogie - I See Hawks In L.A.

King of the Rosemead Boogie

I See Hawks In L.A.


At the Wild Pony, Maria brings out drinks to restock the bar when she spots Michael their flirting with a girl and then is attacked by her boyfriend.

Zombie - Acoustic Version - The Cranberries

Zombie - Acoustic Version

The Cranberries


Liz tells Rosa why she choose regenerative medication after her death; Liz, Kyle and Michael work on retrieving Noah's heart from his body; Mimi walks the desert to Michael's; Isobel attempts to talk with Max; Maria talk with her mother's care home about her disappearance; Mimi is blinded by a white light; Isobel scans her stomach and finds something horrifying - she's pregnant; Max asks for Rosa not to allow Liz to bring him back to life.

You Give Me Something - Hamish Anderson

You Give Me Something

Hamish Anderson

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