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Episode 7

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Season 3

Episode 7 • Pick Your Poison

Twisted - That Chicc


That Chicc

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After Marquis stabs the Wayne Enterprises security guard with Luke's pen he goes after Luke who attempts to find him off while still wounded from his battle with Poison Mary; Marquis manages to get the best of Luke.

Victory (feat. SYDNY)

The N3W N3W


Ryan and Marquis meet up to form their plan to oust their mother and form their own company when the underground parking lot is stormed by Jada and her men who capture Marquis, revealing Ryan betrayal as he's drugged and taken away; Jada thanks Ryan for protecting her family and offers to help her with the favor she needs.

IN THE MORNING - Jax Anderson


Jax Anderson


After her drunken night and rump with Renee, Sophie wakes up back at Renee's apartment where she finds a note from Renee but before she can act on the message she receives a text from the Batwoman Crew and rushes out.

Hot Betty - Damon Wahlberg


A startled Mary wakes up in an motor home with Alice, who reveals to her what they've changed cars since fleeing from GCPC; Mary questions Alice who they came to be together then demands she pull the vehicle over.

Lost Tribes - Drive By Wire

Lost Tribes

Drive By Wire


At the Brownsville Pub, Mary and Alice attempt to find someone with O-Negative blood for Alice's blood transfusion; Mary discovers her ability to manipulate others through mind-control pheromones which she reviles in as Alice welcomes her to the dark side as they do free shots given to them by their mind-controlled bartender.

Run Boy - Madalen Duke


At the Brownsville Pub, Mary continues to test the bars patrons for a blood type match with Alice all the while continuing to freely use her pheromones on the guests as she tests them; Alice brings Jason to Mary who randomly and miraculously is a match for Alice, they celebrate.

Good God

APM Music


At the Brownsville Pub, Mary returns to her and Alice's booth with the blood from Jason for the transfusion as they talk Mary begins to express her resentment and anger her sister and their past together.

Feels so Good Being Bad - Jason Tarver, Hugo Russo & Thomas Greenwood


Marquis announces himself as Wayne Enterprises new CEO promising new innovation and fun; the Batteam, Jada, Alice watch the new feeds of Marquis' takeover and assurance to put smiles on the faces of people; Alice complains about her hangover when Mary appears having blossomed into a newer version of herself, Poison Mary.


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