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Episode 13

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Season 3

Episode 13 • We Having Fun Yet?

Dark Outside - Klergy & Mindy Jones


Montage of the past and the present collide for Marquis as he breaks into the House of Mirrors at Amusement Mile in an attempt to compliment the Joker's ultimate plan he spoke of.

Burn - 2WEI & Edda Hayes


On the Bat-blimp, Batwoman and Marquis face off sibling to sibling.

I Follow (feat. Katie Herzig) - Hidden Citizens

I Follow (feat. Katie Herzig)

Hidden Citizens


With Batwoman on the ground, Luke takes to the air to the Bat-blimp to stop the Joker's acid bomb from raining down on Gotham; Ryan takes on Marquis again while on the ground; Ryan attempts to save Marquis from falling to his death; (flashback) Ryan gives Alice the courage to save herself rather than with the Joy-buzzers help.

Better - Red Rosamond & Aaron Babs


At the clinic, Ryan and Jada are reunited with a more mentally stable Marquis; Mary finds an goodbye letter from her sister; Beth (Alice) leaves the city of Gotham; at Wayne Tower, Sophie possess the question of what the future looks like to Ryan; Mary and Luke arrive with champagne to celebrate their victory; Ryan returns Martha Wayne's pearls back to their rightful place in the office as possess plans for the Bat-teams future.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

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