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Power Book II: Ghost Soundtrack [2020]

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Recent Discussion

How can i get the instrumental when Cane offered to pay Effie's tuition

3 months ago


a year ago

What is the name of the song being played when district Attorney Jenny Sullivan was in the morgue seeing Detective Sax

a year ago

If you find out please let me know !!

a year ago

Do anyone know that song when Diana and tyreke were inside her dorm room?

a year ago

do you know what is the Russian song when Dre is giving his number to the waitress and then going in to kill the Mob?

a year ago

Did you find it I was looking for it.

16 days ago

Whats the song playing at the end of human capital

a year ago

Drake, The franchise- I get the job done

a year ago

Preston Wayne- I Get The Job Done

10 months ago

💯 preciate that

10 months ago

What song is playing at the end (Power: Human Capital season3 ep3 )when Cane makes a call to Effie?

a year ago

Why doesn’t ANYONE know this,? I’ve done every possible swarch and NO answers!!?? SOMEONE gotta know it’s in 50’s best series of best show ever on tv in the world Ffs!! HELP I NEED that song!!

a year ago

And Im still searching.

a year ago

Omg me too still can’t find it 😭 this is Power for f*x sake lol how does no one kno this song 😫

a year ago

Drake,The Franchise - I get the job done

a year ago

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