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Episode 12

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Episode 12 • A Tale of Two Families


(13 Months Ago) Emily finishes packing up her car for her and Geri's run; Augie asks Emily to use her camera, he snaps a picture of her; Emily asks Stella if she's sure about basketball instead of soccer; Emily and Walker make plans to meet up during her run; Emily talks with Bonham and Abeline before she leaves, they family waves her off.

Do It Again



(11 Months Ago) Liam comes outside of his and Bret's apartment for refresh air as Bret returns from his run; Liam tells Bret of his promotions then tells him of his need to return home to for his family, Bret reassures him that he's not going anywhere.


Bonham reprimands Walker for breaking the family hitching post; Walker finds his family and friends in the Walker homestead stage an intervention for him; Walker decides to take a job out of town and leaves; (mentally) Emily confronts Walker about running away.

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

Luther Dickinson


Bonham finds Gary at his job at Morrison's and punches him.




Stella and friends hang out, drinking and partying; Stella attempts to stop a boy from getting the high score on Galaga, which would erase her mothers score, he rebuffs her causing her to fall and hit her head.

Jingle Bells Jimmy

Orion Ellis


Liam and Stella hug after Liam tells her he's staying in town; Abeline tells Bonham she ended things with Gary; Liam returns with Stella, he tells the family he's staying for the holiday; Augie picks the 'star' to be on the top of the tree to remind them of Walker.


(2 Months Ago) Micki receives a text from Trey telling her of that he has time off while waiting in speed trap as a State Trooper; takes off after Crystal Strand's speeding Jeep.


Cops arrive at Harriet's, they give Trevor the bad news about parents; Trevor visits Clint in prison to confront him; (One day ago) Stella and Trevor decide to run away with each other; Trevor saves Stella from his father but is kidnapped himself; at Crystal's grave, Clint convinces Trevor that Stella isn't in love with him that that they must take revenge on the Walker family.

This Means War

Calliope Musicals


Walker and Stella return to the Walker homestead to find the whole of their family there; Clint, Trevor and the Rodeo Kings gang arrive at the Walker homestead and get the drop on Walker; Clint shoots Liam as runs from the house to help.


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