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Episode 3

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Season 3

Episode 3 • Rubber Meets the Road

Make Up



[2 Months Later] Walker helps Augie beef up; Liam and Bonham begin preparing to open back up Walker Beef with new cattle pens; Walker and Liam keep their distance; Stella texts with Colton as she packs; Abby reads Julia Johnson's article on events that happened during the kidnapping.


At Side Step, Colton prepares Dan for his first shift as a bartender at the bar; Dan and Colton discuss Colton "Day of Dates" with Stella later that afternoon/evening before heads out.


I Am Orfa


Stella, Colton and Augie come up with a plan to steal back Stella and Augie's mom's car back.

Stone's Throw Away

The Hawkeyes


Stella, Augie and Colton watch as Stella and Augie's mother car, now Stella's car, is used by Shannon in car racing Desert Speed Wars; Colton and Augie suggest calling in Walker which Stella disagrees with.

Dirty Money

Chet Vincent


Augie distracts Shannon, Cody and their gang while Stella and Colton steal away in the Walker family mustang to hotwire the car so that they can steal it back.


As Augie acts as a distraction to Shannon, Cody and their family, Stella and Colton steal away into the car and hotwire it in an attempt to steal the vehicle back.

Child of Mercy

The Yawpers


Stella and Colton manage to hotwire the mustang and pull off; Shannon and the gang scramble after the car; Augie decks Cody then jumps into the car; Shannon turns off the car with her remote; (continues) Shannon and Stella have a show down; Stella convinces Shannon to return to the mustang to her and her family.

Heart Attack Kid

Ben Kweller


At the Side Step, Colton and Dan give life updates as they play pool; Dan informs Colton he and his mother are getting back together then as for him take care of the ranch while he's away.

Anchor Line

Lewis & Leigh


Cassie stops by Walker with a piece of cake from Abby; Walker tells Cassie that he's trying to get better.


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