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Episode 1

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Episode 1 • Episode 1

Enola Gay - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

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Ritchie packs for university and hides his gay porn.

Feels Like I'm in Love - Kelly Marie

Feels Like I'm in Love

Kelly Marie

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First time when Roscoe is at work on the building site and again when he runs away from home in the rain.

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Ash and Ritchie kiss and undress. Ash discovers that Ritchie needs to improve his personal hygiene.

Can't Stop The Classics (Part 2) - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark

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On the jukebox in the gay pub. Ritchie's many sexual encounters with fellow pub-goers, including Ash and Roscoe.

Ne-Ne, Na-Na, Na-Na, Nu-Nu - Bad Manners

Ne-Ne, Na-Na, Na-Na, Nu-Nu

Bad Manners

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In the flat at the party, Colin takes the spare bed and agrees to move in. Everyone dances and drinks.


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