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Resident Alien Soundtrack [2021]

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Episode 11

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Season 2

Episode 11 • The Weight

Let the Light Through

The Lowland Lakers

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Asta is talking to Darcy about missing Jays birthday

Blues Got a Hold On Me

Nelsen Adelard

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Harry and Max at the diner

Broken Horse

Parachute Empire

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Max starts his new job being paid by Harry to do household chores.

Fruits of My Labor

Lucinda Williams

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Darcy goes to the ski slope to visit her old coach

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General McAllister pushes doctor Ethan off the cliff with the alien ball

Divine Hammer

The Breeders

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Darcy is driving and crashes into baby

Hawaiian Blue

The Roues Brothers

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Asta comes to Joe’s Diner to talk to Dan.

Simple Man

Logan Staats

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Asta talks to her dad about her guilt over murdering a man to protect Harry.

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Kate tells Ben she isn’t pregnant.

Hold My Hand

Sam Burchfield

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Harry Asta Darcy and general mcallister at the 59


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