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The Orville Soundtrack [2017]

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Episode 5

Episode 5 • All the World is Birthday Cake

The Orville Main Title - Bruce Broughton

The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

Making First Contact - John Debney

Making First Contact

John Debney


As Kelly and Bortus discuss their birthdays the new Chief of Security, Lieutenant Talla Keyali, detects a microwave signal from the Gamma Velorum system requesting "First Contact"; the crew happily sets course for the star system, taking time to prepare themselves; (continues) [0:07] Ed, Kelly, Bortus, Keyali, and Claire take a shuttle down to the planet called Regor 2; [0:08] Hundreds of Regorians assembly as the shuttle lands.

Emergency C-Section - John Debney

Emergency C-Section

John Debney


After their tour of the local Regorian hospital is interrupted in the obstetrics ward Claire and Talla's bare witness to an emergency Cesarean section; (continues) [0:13] Claire detects that their is no medical cause for the baby to be born premature, Dr. Feylar explains to them that the c-section was to prevent the baby being born "giliac".

Held Captive/Coming Up with a Plan - John Debney

Held Captive/Coming Up with a Plan

John Debney


Ed, Claire and Talla find themselves in a prison cell where a Regorian dentist extracts dental cores from them to verify that none of them are Giliacs; (repeats) [0:20] Meanwhile, Kelly and Bortus find themselves in a prison colony for Giliacs where the warden informs that the prison colony is their new home; [0:21] Bortus and Kelly unsuccessfully try to fight their way out of the camp; [0:34] Talla comes to Ed and the other bridge others with a theory after studying Regor 2's history and how the Regorian myth that Giliac people are murderous came to be this soon evolves into a plan to replace the missing star in the Giliac star cluster.

Attempted Escape - John Debney

Attempted Escape

John Debney


Kelly and Bortus taking on Gillac personas steal guns from prison guards and attempt their escape, killing many guards in their escape attempt; (continues) [0:41] Kelly and Bortus blast open the prison doors but soon find themselves immediately surrounded by many guards and the warden.

Daring Rescue - John Debney

Daring Rescue

John Debney


John and Gordon leave to Orville to set up the solar sails as a new "star" in the Giliac constellation; (continues) [0:42] the warden initiates an execution of Kelly and Bortus before the prison camp in front of the other Giliac as an example; Kelly tells her fellow Giliac that nothing is wrong with them; [0:43] Just as the guards prepare to open fire the new star in Giliac appears causing pause; [0:44] In the first Prefect's office, Chief Advisor Makkal informs the First Prefect of the Celestial Advisory confirmation of the star, the First Prefect affirms the new star signals "change."

Happy Birthday



(Sometime later) Now back on the bridge of the Orville, the Orville crew sing 'Happy Birthday' to Kelly and Bortus as the two finally celebrate with a joint birthday party.

Celebration - Kool & The Gang


Kool & The Gang


Gordon and John present Kelly and Brotus with a animation cartoon video of the two dancing to 'Celebration,' which the partygoers enjoy; Brotus questions Klyden's laughter at the video display; (continues) [0:46] Ed wishes Kelly a "Happy Birthday," then informs her that the last of the Giliac camps were closed, Kelly then informs him that she spoken to Ukania who has reunited with her daughter now named, Kelly, in her honor; [0:47] Ed admits to Talla, Kelly and Claire that he is unsure whether lying to the Regorians was moral still though Ed, Kelly, and Claire congratulate Talla on her brilliant idea that save the Giliac; (continues) Kelly leaves the group to dance with Cassius, Ed watches them.

The Orville End Titles - Bruce Broughton

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

Theme Song

The Orville Main Title

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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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