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Episode 12

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Season 2

Episode 12 • Sanctuary

Weapons Upgrade/Moclan Duo Leave

Andrew Cottee


The Orville receives weapons upgrades at a dockyard orbiting Moclus; (continues) the shuttle docks on the Orville carrying Toran and Korick and a special package; [repeats] (0:12) The Orville rendezvous with Morclan research vessel in the Nekkar system; Bortus and Talla say goodbye to Toran and Korick; (0:13) Toran and Korick head on a shuttle to the research vessel to head to Retepsia.

The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

Locating Moclan Vessel

Andrew Cottee


Ed orders an interception with the Moclan ship; (continues) the Orville's bridge crew unable to track the Moclan research vessel takes a suggestion from Gordon on scanning for ion signatures masses which allows for Isaac to find out the vessel isn't heading towards Retepsia but a nearby Class 6 nebula; (0:16) the Orville sets an intercept course at maximum speed; (0:17) the Orville crew decide to head into the nebula after the research vessel; (0:18) inside the nebula the crew finds a K-typer star surrounded by three planets, one which is habitable; Talla scans the planet and finds thousands of Moclan signatures living there; Bortus, Ed, Kelly and Talla travel down to the planet by shuttle; (0:19) the away crew quickly find themselves surrounded by a dozen armed Moclan women.

Female Moclan Village/Confronted by Moclan Ship/Trouble Ahead

Andrew Cottee


The armed Moclan solders being the away team to a village inhabited by Moclan women and children, as well as Toren and Korick and their daughter, Mersa; Osaia brings Ed and the crew to the groups leader, Heveena; (0:20) She reveals that far more females are born than the Moclan government admits and that the planet alone is home to six-thousand women; (repeats) [0:29] The Orville awaits in the nebula over the colony planet when a Moclan Battle cruiser approaches captained by Jakohn; Kelly orders a yellow alert; (0:30) on earth, Dojin lobbies against the female Moclan colony; (repeats) [0:34] as Bortus, Kylden and Kelly have a lively conversation in the Mess Hall, they are interrupted by news that several Moclan shuttles are heading to the planet and the battle cruiser raised its Deflector Screens.


While shuttling to the Burnell, Ed opens up the Earth's Culture database for Heveena where she finds Dolly Parton's song "9 to 5," enamored by the song Heveena declares the song the voice of their "revolution"; Heveena quotes Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" as she addresses the Planetary Union Council to admit the sanctuary planet as a colony; (repeats) (0:38) On the surface of the sanctuary colony, a skirmish break out between Moclan soliders and Kelly and Bortus who are soon joined by colonist to help to fight to overpower the soldiers; (0:39) In space, the Orville battles the Moclan ship, taking hull damage; (0:40) Gordon takes the ship into the nebula to confuse the Moclan electromagnetic scans.

Protecting the Colony

Andrew Cottee


As Talla takes command of the Orville, Brotus and Kelly head down to the colony planet to protect to inhabitants; Kelly and Brotus are caught in a tractor beam by the Moclan's forcing Talla and the Orville to attack Jakohn and the Moclan ship;

Agreement Reached

Andrew Cottee


A Moclan solider fires off air shots and announces an agreement has been reached; Bortus brings back a female Moclan from being captured; (continues) he colonists rebuild their lives; (0:44) Ed tells Heveena that Dolly would be proud of them and their accomplishments.

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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