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Episode 6

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Season 1

Episode 6 • Molinija

We'll Be Young Forever

Denmark + Winter


In the infirmary, Mia and Meredith express their long affection for one another with a kiss.


Montage of the exclusive Ivashkov party; Adrian Ivashkov readies in his rooms the party announcer announces him; Lissa watches as Adrian enters the party; Adrian introduces himself to Lissa as they talk Lissa attempts to convince him into allowing her to see his collection until finds him infirm making her use her abilities on him.

Blood In the Water



At the gala of Moroi, Tatiana attempts to make her play against Victor and his agenda by making a bold speech to their fellow Moroi; At Caroni Village, Rose and Dimitri take on the Strigoi come to pick off the last of the village; Lissa notices the darkness rising in her as seeing her eyes blacken over in a mirror; Jesse attempts to step up to his father; Rose finds himself over come by Lissa's darkness; Sasha joins the battle to help Rose and Dmitri protect her home; Sonya gives into her anger at Tatiana as slanders Mikhail name attempt to attack her; Rose, Sasha and Dmitri finish off the Strigoi.


6 Rose and Dmitri head off to finish some unfinished business for they leave; Mia lies asleep in Meredith's arms; Christian thinks of his parents as holds childhood toy - a craved horse - from his parents; Dmitri and Rose finish her Molnija ceremony with her markings then share lustful kiss.


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Roahn Hylton, Jacob Yoffee




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