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Monarch Soundtrack [2022]

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Episode 3

Episode 3 • Show Them Who You Are, Baby

How Do I Live - Monarch Cast

How Do I Live

Monarch Cast



Juice - Monarch Cast


(Three Months Earlier) At the family studio, Gigi, records with a studio band when Kayla then Earl stops by during the session.

Breathe - Monarch Cast


Nicky performs a love song with pictures from her and Clive's wedding as a photo montage accompanying it just as Mackenzie Gates from Open Horizon a tour backer arrives to talk with her and Luke.

Miss You While You're Away

Alana Amram & The Rough Gems


Nicky returns home and dresses then picks up lean about clothing of Clive's and finds a hidden jewelry gift along with a secret love letter.

Party or a Train Wreck - Sean Wiggins

Party or a Train Wreck

Sean Wiggins


At Gigi's house, Nicky tells Gigi of her marriage woes, Clive's cheating and Imogen Lowe as they drink.

Better Days - Laura Reed

Better Days

Laura Reed


Albie and Ace have lunch together at their usual haunt (restaurant); Catt encourages Ana to get onstage and sing while the Roman's are there.

The Brambles (Spanish)

Monarch Cast


(feat. Emma Milani) Ana performs a Spanish version of Albie's song "The Brambles"; Catt watches as Albie and Ace are both taken in by Ana's rendition of the classic.

The Brambles (Lullaby)

Monarch Cast


In lieu of singing to their daughter, Summer, Gigi sings their daughter night lullaby to Kayla instead; Kayla gets the results of her pregnancy test as Gigi sings to her.

Work Hard, Play Harder - Gretchen Wilson

Work Hard, Play Harder

Gretchen Wilson


At Dottie's storage house of her performance wardrobe, Gigi and Nicky pick out clothing options for Queens of Country together; on seeing Nicky with her favorite boots of her mothers Gigi orders her sister to take them off and them to her.

Walk First

Steve McComb


At The Titled Wheel, Albie drinks when Catt confronts him about signing Ana, he explains to her the situation with Luke and the suits of Monarch.

God Knows - Dottie Version - Monarch Cast

God Knows - Dottie Version

Monarch Cast


At The Titled Wheel, Gigi plays the song on the USB Flash drive and finds a recording of her mother singing a very love lorn song; (continues) [0:25] Gigi plays the song for Nicky to hear.

Let the Devil Pour the Wine

Peter Sivo Band


As Albie works on his car, Nicky confronts her father about the truth about his and her mothers marriage; Albie explains what happened to Nicky and discuss they had about cheating; Nicky asks Albie for advice on what to do about Clive continued cheating.

Bad Man's Blood - Ray Bonneville

Bad Man's Blood

Ray Bonneville


After his conversation with Nicky and the truth about being out, Albie begins drinking heavily at home before leaving out.

Done - The Band Perry


Arriving to the Queens of Country in style and in a flare, Nicky arrives in all black and veiled with in a hearse with Imogen Lowe by her side as declares the night the funeral of her marriage and rising her both her and Imogen to hold Clive accountable for his actions.

Delta Dawn

Tanya Tucker


Tanya Tucker takes the stage at Queens of Country; backstage, Gigi and Nicky, prepare for their performances at QoC when Gigi receives a call about Albie's bender down at the Shake And Take; Gigi gives Nicky advice on have belief in herself and surprise herself and out perform herself and not her or Tanya.

God Knows (Gigi Version) - Acoustic - Monarch Cast

God Knows (Gigi Version) - Acoustic

Monarch Cast


Outside of the Shake and Take, Gigi performs the song her mother left for her father for him to that can clearly hear the message meant for him; Albie flashes back to his last moments with Dottie as Gigi sings for him.

Kerosene - Monarch Cast


Monarch Cast


Nicky gives a jaw dropping performance at Queens of Country which shows in the applause of the audience at the event and Mackenzie's change in stance.

Always On My Mind - Monarch Cast

Always On My Mind

Monarch Cast


In the parking lot of Shake and Take, Albie, pays tribute to Dottie on Gigi's suggestion, she sings along with him; Nicky finds flowers and a card from Wade in her dressing room; Ana and Catt toast to Ana's contract with Monarch; Mackenzie compliments Nicky on her performance then tells her a tour isn't off the table; Nicky thanks Wade for the flowers; Luke texts Kayla a text of affection; Kayla ignores the texts after seeing as she and Gigi watch TV together; Luke receives a troubling text from Marybeth the County Coroner confirming his suspicions; Clive packs to leave Nicky when he finds damning evidence against her.



me (GUEST)

8 months ago

who plays Mackenzie Gates from Open Horizon

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6 months ago

Sorry, this is so late. But Mackenzie Gates was played by actress, Rochelle Aytes.

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The Card You Gamble (Main Theme From Monarch)


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Trevor Morris, Caitlyn Smith

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