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Episode 4

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Season 3

Episode 4 • The Return of the Prodigal Son

La Raza - Kid Frost

La Raza

Kid Frost


This is the opening song.

Wish Me Luсk (Extended Version) [feat. Snoop Dogg, Moneybagg Yo & Charlie Wilson]

50 Cent


This is the opening theme.

Ain't No Need to Worry - The Winans

Ain't No Need to Worry

The Winans


When Lucille gets home, Charlie works out.

Time 2 Get Paid - Mando Beats

Time 2 Get Paid

Mando Beats


The song can be heard when the drugs are delivered.


Leandra (GUEST)

3 months ago

s3e6 Meech and Tina in car behind Duffy song playing “Trying to survive while I’m living to die, I made a mistake in this life of mine,. Started at 23:18 in

0 replies

Mike Oxlong (GUEST)

3 months ago

So episode 4 season 3 39:00 markisha and tee, Only lyrics I can hear are “for you, do the streets love you better than i do” if anyone can source it hit me back

1 replies

Kane (GUEST)

3 months ago

Let me know too lol

Ivan (GUEST)

3 months ago

Episode 4 the ending song is that Scarface

1 replies


2 months ago

Sounds like Scarface to me, but cant fund the song. 😡😡

Ivan (GUEST)

3 months ago

The song at the end episode 3

0 replies


4 months ago

What’s the song playing in background when kisha and tee are talking before the meal

3 replies

Silver (GUEST)

4 months ago

I'm trying to find out as well.

Dyme (GUEST)

4 months ago

When y'all find out let me know please

Kane (GUEST)

3 months ago

Let me know too lol.

James97 (GUEST)

4 months ago

What’s the song playing in background when Meech is telling Angel he is going out of town, then they have a sex scene.

8 replies

Parlay1 (GUEST)

4 months ago

That's what I want to know!!!!

Joshyboi (GUEST)

3 months ago

Same here i want to know

Ms.Innocent 💕 (GUEST)

3 months ago

I would love to know as well


3 months ago

I want to know a swell


3 months ago

When you find out please let me know.

Raven Symone (GUEST)

3 months ago

Omg, here now looking for this! 😪

Dlove (GUEST)

2 months ago

It’s neyo i believe , I’m gonna search the universe for this song I need it

1923 (GUEST)

2 months ago

Sounds like the name of the song might be Your Love Is Where It’s At. Lol literally trying to find it now.

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