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Episode 8

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Season 3

Episode 8 • Code Red

Spot7/Head Head And More Head - Luke

Spot7/Head Head And More Head



This song can be heard on the opening scene.

Lick It - Mando Beats


Meech makes love to a woman in the strip club.

Wish Me Luck (Extended Version) [feat. Snoop Dogg, Moneybagg Yo & Charlie Wilson]

50 Cent


This is the opening theme song.

Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe


Meech frequents Platinum Palace to chill out with his pals.


Virtruvian man (GUEST)

2 months ago

What song was playing when henri and jin was on a date and kissed? Thanks in advance!

0 replies

Otoyo Daniel (GUEST)

3 months ago

In season 3 episode 8, who sang the pass me not o gentle saviour song?

0 replies

Lisa (GUEST)

3 months ago

Who sings the r&b song when henri & Jin were talking about her scar? Lyrics: “Did he ever take the time to say you're beautiful? Did he ever have a staring at you episode? Did he ever stop his day just to let you know cause if he didn't get he ain't no real man. Did he ever spend the day with you and be content. Ever admit that he was wrong in an argument ever treat your body like it was his Residence?”

5 replies

Johnny (GUEST)

2 months ago

I’m looking to.

Lisa (GUEST)

2 months ago

I still cannot find it!

Aaron (GUEST)

a month ago

If anyone finds it let me know pls

Kianna (GUEST)

a month ago

Pls let us know, the track was fire 🔥


16 days ago

Still can’t find it…

Tarsha (GUEST)

3 months ago

On the show BMF, What song was playing in Episode 8 when Det Jen met Henri? Hey Mr DJ…

0 replies


3 months ago

What song was playing in the car with Meech's little sister, exchanging the girlfriend note with the boyfriend?

0 replies

TruGramblinite (GUEST)

3 months ago

Looking for the song played while Det Jin and Henri were in the bar

1 replies

Disser 562 (GUEST)

2 months ago

Did you find out im searching myself

Chrissy (GUEST)

3 months ago

What song was playing when Henry was with the detective?

1 replies

Latoya (GUEST)

3 months ago

I came here for the same reason

James (GUEST)

3 months ago

What song was playing at the end of season 3 episode 8 during the credits

1 replies

Don Cabán (GUEST)

3 months ago

My Block by ME, DON CABÁN 😃

Cali Made (GUEST)

3 months ago

Who sings the song " Mr DJ " that was playing in the club when Henry was on a date?

1 replies

Richard (GUEST)

3 months ago

I want to know the same thing

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