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Episode 18

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Season 4

Episode 18 • On the Warpath

Down In the Blackness - Patrick Park

Down In the Blackness

Patrick Park

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Mouch arrives at the bar and tells Hermann and Kelly that the wedding is off, upon questioning him he tells the two why he's not ready but Hermann manages to talk him down.

Baby Blue (with Diamonds) - Zachary Kibbee

Baby Blue (with Diamonds)

Zachary Kibbee

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Mouch and Trudy wedding dance; as they watch Mouch and Trudy dance, Casey brings up marriage to Dawson, she tells him she like the way things are in their relationship currently.

Back Again - The Infatuations

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Stella tells her and Kelly's wedding table the story of Kelly's unrequited love for her including how he broke into her apartment and how she had to stop her husband from calling the police.

Slow Burn

Chris Arena

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