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The Night Shift Soundtrack [2014]

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Episode 1

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Episode 1 • Recovery

Letting Go - The August Empire

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In the break room Gwen plays cards by herself when Jordan comes in, Gwen shows her a picture of them from their sophomore year of college then they talk about Scott and TC and the complications.

Beat of My Heart - Turner Pike And The Risers

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Jocelyn turns on the music for Dr. Chavez during his surgery per his request.

Gone - Olivia Broadfield

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In the bathroom, Alicia removes her makeup and punker jewelery when Jordan comes in and tells her good news about her father then Jordan apologizes to her comment earlier then Alicia breaks down.

Walking in the Sun - The August Empire

Walking in the Sun

The August Empire

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Krista gives the Woo's two tablets with English/Mandarin apps on it so that they can speak to one other; TC tells Tricia her surgery is on, she celebrates; Jordan tells Scott she's sorry.

Let's Be Still - The Head And The Heart

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Gwen shows everyone a home movie of 2007 Halloween with TC and Jordan; Gwen tells Jordan about the Spice Girl tickets from TC; Jordan stops the elevator, she and TC begin to they make out.


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