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Episode 6

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Season 2

Episode 6 • In Place of Anger

Milan String Quartet #1 in A Major, Allegro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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The Fisher family has dinner with Sarah & Nikolai as guests.

So Danco Samba (Jazz n' Samba) - Wanda De Sah

So Danco Samba (Jazz n' Samba)

Wanda De Sah

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Mitzi shows off her swank Palm Springs swing pad to Nate & David.

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Nikolai & Ruth's sister Sarah hit it off over vodka shots and sing a Russian folk song together.

Super Bad Girl - Iffy

Super Bad Girl


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The office party on the harbor boat.

Like A Friend

Frank DeWolfe

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Nate & David fly to Palm Springs as guests of Kroehner Corp's Mitzi Dalton Huntley.

Sparks - Royksopp



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Nate & Brenda relate the events of their day to each and both pretend that everything is alright.

Collage Of Dreams - John Beltran

Collage Of Dreams

John Beltran

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Brenda jerks off one of her massage clients.

If I Should Leave You

George Shearing

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Nate & David are propositioned by Mitzi in the hot tub.



3 years ago

There is a snippet of music where David is demanding/ordering the staff to get themselves together - He goes quiet just long enough to hear this snippet which I think is from the radio. you have to listen carefully. Its in the body preparation area. I would say its at 13.34 just a second or two before the end of the scene. Drining me crazy, i definitely know it from somewhere, [email protected]

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3 years ago

I worked it out. That sound is not from the track but its almost identical to a snippet in Massive attacks song "Exchange' (track 5) From the album Mezzanine. The music from the radio in 6 Ft under is actually a piano track but there is too much talking over it to make it out.

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