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Sons Of Anarchy - S1E8 Soundtrack

The Pull

659 liked songs • 549.8k views • music supervisor Bob Thiele Jr. & Michelle Kuznetsky

Complete List of Songs

  • The Road To GlencarSean Talahm
    Sean Talahm
    Clay arrives at the Irish bar to meet with McKeevy, only to been informed he's dead and his cousin, Cameron, will be conducting the deal.
  • Johnny, I Hardly Knew YaDropkick Murphys
    Dropkick Murphys
    Clay, Cameron & Tig make a toast to McKeevy just as the Mayans enter the bar and start shooting at Clay; Mayans break into Darby's place shoot his companions and steal his ledgers; Tig discovers the shooters were Mayans.
  • Can't Get Used To Losing YouAndy Williams
    Andy Williams
    Kohn puts on music while telling Tara they can have a fresh start; Tara convinces Kohn to make love to her, then grabs a gun and shoots him in the stomach; repeats as Jax & Tara kiss; the Club prepare for retaliation against the Mayans; bodies are removed from Darby's place; montage.


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