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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 13

Episode 13 • NS


Attika 7

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Chuck tries talk to Tig; Gemma jumps in Unser's car as he's about to head back to the police station.

This Charming Life - Joan Armatrading

This Charming Life

Joan Armatrading

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Jax & Tara kiss in bed; Clay finds Gemma making breakfast and stops her for a kiss; Jax cuddles with Abel; Stahl smiles over the empty spot in her bed; everyone gathers at the clubhouse; Clay puts a SAMCRO hat on Abel; the Club toasts to Lyla & Opie's engagement.

Today Again - Sad Girl

Today Again

Sad Girl

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Chuck shows the Club that he has a box of counterfeit money from Lin's operation.

Don't Owe You A Thang - Gary Clark Jr.

Don't Owe You A Thang

Gary Clark Jr.

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The Club's lawyer drops by Lenny's coded information, then the guys discuss what to do.

Hey Hey My My - Battleme

Hey Hey My My


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Stahl exposes Jax to the Club as her informant; SAMCRO is arrested by ATF; Unser leaves his gun & badge on his desk, then gets the ATF to pull over with the warning of an attack; Chibs stabs Jimmy in the chest; Opie shoots Stahl, the guys laugh over their plan succeeding; Tara finds the letters that Maureen put in Jax's bag; Gemma reads Jax's letter as Tara reads one of John's letters.

Get It On - TurboNegro

Get It On


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SAMCRO leads Putlova and his men directly into Stahl's blockade.

The Matador - The White Buffalo

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Jimmy expresses worry over Donny's absence; SAMCRO gives Putlova two million in exchange for Jimmy; Stahl tells her people to get ready to move in; Tara waits to take custody of Jimmy.

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The Russians roll Donny's body in plastic; SAMCRO loads up the money and guns as Tara arrives at the clubhouse.


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