The Blacklist - Soundtrack Poster

The Blacklist - S1E16 Soundtrack

Mako Tanida

708 liked songs • 1.1M views • music supervisor John Bissell

Complete List of Songs

  • Cello Song (feat. Jose Gonzalez)The Books
    The Books
    Ressler finds a pregnancy test in Audrey's belongings; ballerinas gossip about patron of their show; Red checks in with The Cowboy; Tom finishes washing off blood as Liz joins him in the shower.
  • Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20: Scéne (moderato)Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Marko Munih
    Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Marko Munih
    Red enjoys a ballet performance put on solely for his benefit; Ressler receives a package from Red containing Tanida's head; Liz & Tom kiss.
  • X Ambassadors & Tom Morello
    Red throws a snowball in to the river; Ressler & Jonica head out to kill Tanida; Tom & Jolene knock out The Cowboy.


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