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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • The Pilot

Man Like That - Gin Wigmore

Man Like That

Gin Wigmore


A thief approaches Alice at an art gallery, then she suggests they take a look at a painting from a private collection; the man suggests to Alice that they get drinks while he swipes her key card, then steals the painting she showed him in the private collection; Alice takes down the guy and zip ties him.

Fireball (feat. John Ryan) - Pitbull

Fireball (feat. John Ryan)



Ailce's team sets up to surveil Patrick's meeting with Mr. X; Mr. X loses his tale, then makes the exchange with Patrick; Alice tries to spot Mr. X.

Don't Wake Me Up - Lianne La Havas

Don't Wake Me Up

Lianne La Havas


Alice tries on her wedding dress as Christopher arrives home and insists she show it to him; Christopher and Alice have sex; Alice awakens to find Christopher watching her.

Killing Me To Love You  - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Killing Me To Love You

Vancouver Sleep Clinic


Flashback to Alice and Christopher first meeting; Alice tracks down Christopher after he claims he's going with another firm; Alice's team discuss how the meeting was a text book con; flashback to Christopher and Alice agreeing to marry.

Tearing Me Up - Bob Moses

Tearing Me Up

Bob Moses


Reggie takes Ben (aka Christopher) to task for almost getting them caught; Sophie hacks Margot's computer and steals all the money; Margot demands Ben get their money back; Ben goes to the art gallery; Alice returns home to find the painting she liked hanging on her wall.

I Got What You Want

Maggie Eckford

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'Cracking The Case' & 'Blushworthy' promos.

Must Be Love - Christina Grimmie

Must Be Love

Christina Grimmie

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'Game On' & 'Cat and Mouse' promos.


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