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Episode 9

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Season 2

Episode 9 • Chapter Nine

What Else Did You See? - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

What Else Did You See?

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


As Eleven looks in on Will, Joyce asks her what she has seen in her visions.


Joyce asks Eleven if she can close gate, shot of demodogs

The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand

The Way We Were

Barbra Streisand


Mrs.Wheeler is relaxing in the bath with a book when she's interrupted by the doorbell.

I Do Believe (I Fell In Love)

Donna Summer


Billy turns on the charm with Mrs. Wheeler as he asks if she's seen Max; Mrs. Wheeler gives Billy the directions to the Myers house.


Joyce remembers what Will said about the organism liking the cold, then the group makes a new plan.

Shouldn't Have Lied

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Eleven and Hopper talking in the truck on the way to the lab.

I See Charcoal (You See Scarlet)

Cameron Brooks


Steve and Billy fight as Max and the guys watch.

Time for a 187 - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Lucas panickly tells Max to turn left onto Mount Senai


Hopper puts a tourniquet on Dr. Owens' leg while suggesting that he might want to help out Eleven after she saves everyone.


Max, Steve and the guys reach the hub and start spraying it down with gasoline.


Will awakens and is embraced by Joyce and Jonathan.

Shadow In The Tunnel - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Shadow In The Tunnel

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Steve, Max, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike run through the tunnel

Descent into the Rift

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Hopper and eleven descent into the rift


Eleven begins channeling her anger to close the gate. The kids w/ Steve escape the tunnels.


Eleven closing The Gate.

I Can Save Them - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Aftermath of Eleven closing the gate; shots of characters looking around, Dart dying and Eleven hugging Hopper

Rare Bird - Tangerine Dream


Murray watches gleefully as the military leaves Hawkins National Laboratory; Barb's funeral; news story on the happenings in Hawkins; Hopper joins Dr. Owens at the diner.

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

Jingle Bell Rock

Bobby Helms


Decorations are put up for the 1984 Snow Ball; Jonathan films Joyce teaching Will to dance; Mike's mom takes his picture; Lucas practices asking Max to dance; Max's mom helps with styling her hair; Dustin searches for his Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benatar

Love Is A Battlefield

Pat Benatar


Steve drops off Dustin at the dance and gives him a last-minute pep talk.

Twist of Fate

Olivia Newton-John


Dustin checks in for the dance; Steve catches a glance of Nancy through the school window; the guys tease Dustin about his new hair style.

Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

Time After Time

Cyndi Lauper


Lucas awkwardly asks Max to dance; Will is asked to dance by a classmate; Stacy turns down Dustin's invitation to dance; Nancy asks Dustin to dance; Hopper finds Joyce outside the dance and offers her a smoke.

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Every Breath You Take

The Police


Hopper comforts Joyce; Eleven arrives at the dance and Mike asks her to dance; montage of couples dancing and kissing.

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The very end - scene turns into the Upside-Down and the Mind Flayer is shown



4 years ago

Hello.... Any one know the song when dustin dance with Nancy in the end of episode 9 in S 2

0 replies


4 years ago

what is the song that plays when dustin feeds dart the 3 musketeers

0 replies


5 years ago

What le the song when the portal is closed and Hopper take eleven in his arms?

0 replies


6 years ago

Anyone know the song where mike and eleven reunite and hopper and mike argue at the beginning of episode nine?

0 replies

javi blanco

7 years ago

In the final scene plays the track To Be Continued, that it's like the main theme but it has some music before it and that's what plays when the camera pans to be upside down and we see the shadow monster over the school.

0 replies

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