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Episode 4

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Season 3

Episode 4 • Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

Happy Screams - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Eleven gets in bed with Max as they talk about her worries about Heather and Billy.

The Ceiling Is Beautiful - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

The Ceiling Is Beautiful

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Hopper wakes up to Joyce caring for him

Code Red - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Mike calls Max and insists she comes to his place immediately for a 'Code Red' situation.

Looking for a Way Out

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Robin grabs the tip money and tells Steve and Dustin she has an idea on how they can get in the storage room.

Six Facts - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Tom yells at Jonathan and Nancy before firing them

We Don't Understand Each Other - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

We Don't Understand Each Other

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Jonathan and Nancy argue over their different perspectives, as they drive home after being fired.

Blueprints - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Robin shows Dustin and Steve the blueprints she got and how they can get into the room via the air ducts.

Leap of Faith - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Mike orchestrates a plan to get Billy in the sauna

Jack Tar’'s Hornpipe - John Leach

Jack Tar’'s Hornpipe

John Leach


Robin and Dustin negotiate a deal with Erica.

Land Deeds - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Hopper and Joyce take Mayor Kline back to his house to retrieve the land deeds from his bedroom safe.

Theoretically - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Joyce explains to Hopper that a machine responsible for the loss of magnetism in the magnets at her house and Melvald's is located at one of the locations Mayor Klein has the deeds to in his safe

You're a Fighter - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Karen consoles Nancy when she opens up about being fired

Possessed - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Nancy looks through the hospital chart as Mrs. Driscoll awakens.

Not Chinese Food - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Steve opens up the Imperial Panda box.

Sauna Test - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


As the sauna heats up, Billy pleads with Max; Mike feels a sensation on the back of his neck.

In the Void - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Billy and Eleven stare at one another after he breaks out of sauna room

I Can Save Them - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Eleven throws Billy through a brick wall and the fell into Mike's arms crying

We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn

We'll Meet Again

Vera Lynn


The kids stare through the hole in the wall as Billy runs away; Heather reassures Billy as they look over the rest of the Mind Flayer's minions; end credits.



5 years ago

At 15:30 there's a vocal track that plays when Hopper visits Kline to find out who the motorcycle guy is --any ideas?

0 replies


5 years ago

What's the song when the lights start to flicker in the Sauna and the "mind flayer " becomes "activated "

2 replies

BendyKiller698 (GUEST)

8 days ago

thats what im wondering too

Bendy Killer698 (GUEST)

8 days ago

that's what im wondering too


5 years ago

What's the song when Mike's Mom is talking to Nancy? Around minute 31

0 replies


5 years ago

What’s the song that play between “The Sauna Test” and “We'll Meet Again”? Eleven falls in Mike’s arms and Billy stand up to run away! The same track plays after Eleven closes the gate in 2x9. Someone knows? I’ve search even in Deluxe Version of Stranger Things 2 (A Original Netflix Series Soundtrack) and I didn’t find it.

0 replies

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