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  • EricAndrew
    2 replies
    What was the song playing when Nancy and the one guy get monster hunting stuff at the store? It sounds like Dolly Parton.
  • Steven Sciacchitano
    0 replies
    what song was playing about 15 minutes into the episode when the mother of the boy (he was drawing some wizard shooting fireballs) It's awesome and I can't find the source
  • Eberhardt
    0 replies
    what's the name of the song from the scene when Jim(chief) talks to his ex wife?It starts when he hangs up.
  • Chris Jay
    1 reply
    What's the song playing around 24 minutes into The Flea and the Acrobat? it sounds like part of the score, but i can't find it on either Volume 1 or 2 of the soundtrack