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What is the song that is sung several times and it has the lyric, “look up”, like William says to the girls before he leaves for Memphis? The song is played several times (3?) by different artists

3 months ago

What song is the lyrics I can't dance I can't sing without your love' found in?

2 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the song played at 17:20 minutes in episode 17?

3 years ago

on season 1, episode 12, a song- i will always remember you, just the way you are? Who sings that song?? how can I find that song?

4 years ago

The singer of "Blues Run the Game" is Janileigh Cohen.

7 years ago

The audio clip that plays above for the Hannah Miller version of "You Can Always Come Back To This" is not actually the song by her..Shazam thinks it is, and Siri says it is "Calming Fear" by Austin Smith, but the clip above is much cleaner than the song by Austin Smith. Ideas?

7 years ago

In Episode 16 (Memphis) can you please provide the artist name who sang "Blues Run The Game"?

7 years ago

Janileigh Cohen

7 years ago

Does anyone know what the song is at the end of the episode? The guitar one.

7 years ago

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