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4 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Until We Get There
    Francis & Mary fool around in bed and discuss their future, then are interrupted by news of the Cardinal's arrival.
    Tom Andrew
  • Bones
    MS MR
    King Henry & Diane have sex; Catherine watches Henry return from Diane's bed.
    Tom Andrew
  • Set No Sun
    Mary asks Francis if he thinks they are testing fate; one of Mary's ladies staggers down the hallway as Clarissa follows; Aylee speaks her final words to Mary; Kenna realizes the significance of the spilled tea; Mary yells at Nostradamus.
    Tom Andrew
  • French Wives
    Mary informs the French court that she will lay no claim to the English throne; Francis tells Mary he will never let her go; Sebastian offers to accompany Mary on her journey.
    Tom Andrew


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