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Reign Soundtrack [2013]

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Episode 3

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Season 2

Episode 3 • Coronation

The Fete (version with English & Celtic sections)

Chris Garrick / Cavendish Music

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Lola & Kenna chat with some of the other ladies.

Our Summer - Hotel Radio

Our Summer

Hotel Radio

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Kenna complains to Bash about their lack of holdings, then they talk of how important it is the Francis is claiming Lola's baby; Mary & Greer interrupt Conde's conversation with a courtesan.

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Wraggle Taggle Gypsies - Dominic Ashworth

Wraggle Taggle Gypsies

Dominic Ashworth

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Lola questions Francis's dismissal of Caroline; Narcisse gives Francis & Mary another excuse for the lack of grain.

Dustland - Dekko



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Bash reports his findings to Francis; Schuler approaches Mary about getting some prisoners released in exchange for grain.

Any Door - Oak & Gorski

Any Door

Oak & Gorski

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Lady Barnard joins Kenna and suggests she should be getting lots of gifts due to Bash's position; as

Hills to Climb - Tim Myers

Hills to Climb

Tim Myers

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Francis & Mary are crowned King & Queen of France.

Trotto (a) OL

Sonoton Music

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Kenna & Bash dance as a woman approaches them and accuses Lord Barnard of killing her husband; Narcisse joins Catherine on the balcony to discuss the grain deal.


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