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Where is the the song when Haley enter the room in the wedding

a year ago

what is the song played when Hayley and Hope and Klaus are reunited?

2 years ago


4 years ago

In Series 2 Episode 3 of The Originals there is a scene where Elijah is talking to Gia & there is a guy singing & playing a lap steel guitar. The song has the lyrics Hey Mama, kiss my worried mind all the time. Yet I can't find out what the song is. All the sites that list the music used in the show only list 4 songs for that episode & the song I'm after, isn't included in the 4 that are given. I'd love to find out what it is.

4 years ago

It is on the list. Just played with a different temp and slightly different lyrics. "Left Handed Voodoo"

3 years ago

What is the Halloween song used in tvseries the originals season 2 episode 9?

5 years ago

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