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Episode 14

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Episode 14 • Stay

Lampshades On Fire - Modest Mouse

Lampshades On Fire

Modest Mouse


Elena & Damon talk to Jeremy's principal about his application to art school, then Damon compels him; Matt, Alaric & Jeremy drink as Enzo calls.

Cold Coast - Secret Sun

Cold Coast

Secret Sun


Sarah shows Matt the pictures she took of the Grill, then they are interrupted by a call from Enzo.

Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day

Sweet Ophelia

Zella Day


Stefan helps Caroline clean up the cabin, then offers to unpack the books after Caroline freaks out.

Alive - Gabrielle Aplin

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Liz tells Damon how extraordinary she thinks Caroline is, then thanks him for being there for her and asks him to write her eulogy; Caroline arrives at the hospital.

Yours - Ella Henderson

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Stefan tells Caroline that the moments that made up her mom's life are more important than how it ends, then informs her that he's not helping her because Liz asked him to; they kiss.

Colour me In - Damien Rice

Colour me In

Damien Rice

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Jeremy gets on a bus to Santa Fe as Alaric looks on; Stefan talks Caroline through going into Liz's memories; flashback to Liz teaching a young Caroline to ride a bike; everyone gathers by Liz's bedside as she dies.


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