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14 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Bang Bang
    Melanie Fiona
    Meredith talks to Derek as he gets ready for his first day as chief; Cristina & Owen have sex; the interns talk on their way to the meeting.
    Tom Andrew
  • Do Do Do
    Nellie McKay
    Alex & Lexie question Cristina about her burns; Meredith dresses Cristina's burns.
    Tom Andrew
  • Swimming In Speakers
    Derek, Owen & Mark chat in The Chief's office.
    Tom Andrew
  • I'm Still Dancing
    Brad is taken into surgery; Cristina & Owen are interrupted by Teddy's page; Avery convinces Teddy to let him assist with the surgery.
    Tom Andrew
  • Wait Til You See My Smile
    Alicia Keys
    The Chief tells Bailey why he doesn't want to sign the papers; Arizona lectures Alex on not yelling at patients' parents; Derek apologizes to the staff; montage.
    Tom Andrew
  • Fay Wolf
    Cristina tells Owen about Burke; The Chief gives Derek the signed papers.
    Tom Andrew


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