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Grey's Anatomy - S7E7 Soundtrack

That's Me Trying

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Complete List of Songs

  • Ching Ching ChingNikka Costa
    Nikka Costa
    Arizona gives Mark stuff as she & Callie pack for Africa; Meredith fills in Derek on a grant; Owen asks Cristina to help her set up the trauma lab.
  • Never Gonna Leave MeSia
    Dr. Stanley talks on the phone while Bailey assists her with Mary Portman's autopsy; Callie tells Mark about all the things she can do in Africa.
  • Bang BangK'naan ft Adam Levine
    K'naan ft Adam Levine
    April gets Alex to help her get the patient into the ambulance, then arrives at the hospital; Owen announces that April & her team won.
  • DaydreamingDark Dark Dark
    Dark Dark Dark
    Arizona tells Callie she wants to go to Africa alone; The Chief congratulates Cristina on her work; Alex teases April about her actions in the trauma lab; Lexi tells Mark to stop looking at her ass; Derek tells Meredith she can't be part of his Alzheimer's clinical trial; Meredith tells Derek that Cristina blames her for the trauma she went through; Cristina tells Owen that she quit.


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