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Grey's Anatomy - S7E21 Soundtrack

I Will Survive

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Complete List of Songs

  • Second ChancePeter Bjorn and John
    Peter Bjorn and John
    Cristina tells Owen she won't have sex with him until he chooses Chief Resident; Meredith asks Alex if he's going to say anything about what she did to Derek's trial; Lexie tells Avery to make sure he tells Owen about his part in The Chief's trial; Lucy tells Alex she got the job at Baylor in Texas.
  • Yael Naim ft David Donatien
    Meredith asks Cristina for advice on how to handle the interview with the social worker; Alex tells Cristina how Lucy reacted to his job offer in Africa; Lexie asks Cristina why guys with babies are so attractive; Cristina finds outs that April told Teddy about their patient.
  • EntwinedTim Myers
    Tim Myers
    Lexie stumbles across Mark and a sleeping Sofia.
  • The Night Will Always WinElbow
    Owen tells Cristina she's not going to be Chief Resident; Lucy tells Alex that she took the job in Africa.
  • I've Got A FeelingCalahan
    Alex joins Cristina at Joe's; April tells Cristina that the checklist is important.
  • Love MoreSharon Van Etten
    Sharon Van Etten
    Owen tells Avery that he figured out why he dropped out of The Chief's trial; Teddy tells Henry she's going to Germany with Andrew, then Henry asks for a divorce; Lexie watches as Mark heads home with Arizona, Callie & baby Sofia; Avery tells Lexie he's out of the running for Chief Resident; Meredith picks up Zola; Cristina tells Alex that Meredith will likely get Chief Resident, then he tells Owen that Meredith messed with Derek's trial.


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