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Grey's Anatomy - S8E11 Soundtrack

This Magic Moment

2.1k liked songs • 1.3M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • SparksAdaline
    Meredith takes Zola into the viewing room for the twins' surgery; the Residents complain about things while eating lunch.
  • Life BoatEarly Morning Rebel
    Early Morning Rebel
    Bailey tells Ben & Meredith why she wants to keep her work & private life separate; Alex suggests they do a kidney transplant to save Brandi; the twins' parents check on Andi.
  • TetheredSleeping At Last
    Sleeping At Last
    Richard apologizes to Alex for stealing his place in the surgery; Callie demonstrates to Arizona how annoying she was in the OR; Richard tells Alex what lesson he taught him; Lexie has an awkward encounter with Mark; Brandi & Andi are reunited with their parents as the staff look on; Meredith & Derek try to get Zola to fall asleep, then Zola starts walking.


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