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Grey's Anatomy - S8E12 Soundtrack

Hope For The Hopeless

2.2k liked songs • 1.4M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • Rock ItLittle Red
    Little Red
    Derek tells Lexie to flip a coin to help him decide if he's doing a surgery; Avery comments on Meredith's cake icing skills as the residents have breakfast; Julia finishes Arizona's haircut; Arizona & Callie comment on Mark's lack of reply to Julia's 'I love you'.
  • Good IntentKimbra
    Cristina & Teddy plot to steal a patient; Karen & her sister argue about the liver donation.
  • Black SheepGin Wigmore
    Gin Wigmore
    The residents talk during lunch; Arizona & Callie tease Mark about Julia until Teddy interrupts.
  • AfternoonYouth Lagoon
    Youth Lagoon
    Zola's party; Richard fills Meredith in on how Adele is doing; April tells Alex she needs his portion of the security deposit for their new place; Meredith presents a cake to Richard to celebrate his 10 000th surgery; Mark tells Callie & Arizona he doesn't want to rush his relationship with Julia; Owen sees Cristina talking to baby Zola.
  • Easy To LoveThe Jezabels
    The Jezabels
    Owen tells Cristina he's taking her off Teddy's service; Meredith confesses to Richard that she doesn't want to declare General as her specialty because she doesn't want to be like her mother; Bailey asks Richard about his first surgery as Cristina & Owen continue to argue.


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