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Grey's Anatomy - S8E17 Soundtrack

One Step Too Far

2.2k liked songs • 1.4M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • Stone In My HeartGraffiti6
    Montage of Cristina's nights with & without Owen; Cristina finds Owen sleeping in the on-call room; Derek tries to talk Meredith to come back on Neuro with him.
  • Shuffle A DreamLittle Dragon
    Little Dragon
    Lunch; Meredith complains about Derek's reaction to removing the tumor; Cristina complains about having to spend time with Emily; Cristina accuses Alex of sleeping with Morgan; Avery confonts April about keeping his mom up to date on his life; Mara finally tracks down Avery.
  • The Naked and Famous
    Alex & Mara bond over stories of his mother; Meredith tells Lexie what went wrong with (Laura??)'s surgery; Callie warns Alex that Morgan is imprinting on him; Bailey tells Richard it's okay to flirt for fun.
  • This ManGraffiti6
    Emily tells Cristina she's not sleeping with Owen; Meredith looks in on Derek yelling at Lexie; Mara tells Catherine she's spending the evening with Avery; Callie takes Morgan & Alex's photo; Richard meets up with Catherine.
  • Lick The Palm Of The Burning HandshakeZola Jesus
    Zola Jesus
    Mara kisses Avery; Alex watches over Morgan's son; Lexie contemplates what happened to Lori; Meredith tells Derek what happened to Lori is why she can't come back to Neuro; Cristina confronts Owen about how he's never home & he confesses he cheated on her.


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