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Grey's Anatomy - S9E6 Soundtrack

Second Opinion

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Complete List of Songs

  • You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me)Miss Li
    Miss Li
    Meredith tells Derek that Cristina is back for good; Callie tells Bailey the group has a meeting about the crash & that Arizona won't leave the house; Meredith questions Alex about all the house repair demands he's making.
  • ConnectedCaught a Ghost
    Caught a Ghost
    Meredith asks Cristina how things went with Owen; Cristina asks Avery about the new cardio chief; Avery runs away from April.
  • Dazed and ConfusedIko
    Owen tells Wilson to finish up with 'Santa' if she doesn't find anything; Derek accuses Callie of making the group go against the settlement & of pushing her into doing surgery on his hand.
  • Museum Of FlightDamien Jurado
    Damien Jurado
    Cristina discovers that Owen pushed for her to be hired; Callie retracts her statement about Derek not being about to perform surgery again; Avery tells April their relationship is about more than sex to him.
  • And Still, The Darkness ComesAron Wright
    Aron Wright
    Alex & Meredith agree to the house sale; the crash victims are told their lawyers will be going after Seattle Grace not the pilot; Arizona consults with Bailey; Cristina tells Alex she wants to rent a room from him.


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