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Grey's Anatomy - S11E112 Soundtrack

The Great Pretender

2.2k liked songs • 1.4M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em HighThe Wind and The Wave
    The Wind and The Wave
    Bailey keeps watch as Ben & Curt scatter their father's ashes; Jo steals the shower from Arizona; Arizon yells at Alex about the broken shower.
  • A HeartbreakAngus & Julia Stone
    Angus & Julia Stone
    Dr. Herman calls Arizona a 'dirty girl'; Amelia, Callie & Jo operate on Hillary and comment on her avoidance of Todd's proposal.
  • Let It GoJames Bay
    James Bay
    Meredith tells Maggie that she didn't get on the plane to see Derek and spent the weekend at an airport hotel; Ben explains to Bailey how he told Curt everything, but Curt never told him about wanting to be a woman.
  • WeekendPriory
    Amelia shows up at Owen's trailer with a bottle of 'wine', then Owen kisses her; Callie flirts with a guy at Joe's bar, then asks him to dance; Arizona & Herman steal another couch; Meredith tells Alex she never went to see Derek, but enjoyed the time by herself.


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