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Grey's Anatomy - S11E120 Soundtrack

One Flight Down

2.1k liked songs • 1.3M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • In The BushMusique
    While driving through the city, Richard witnesses a small plane crash.
  • JupiterSleeping At Last
    Sleeping At Last
    Flashback to Derek telling Meredith that Zola wants a car and that he wants to add to their family.
  • Future Reference ft Aron Wright
    Callie tells Arizona why she let her believe she amputated Arizona's leg; Amelia informs Owen that she expects Kate to completely recover her memory; Owen confesses that he still blames himself for the plane crash that his colleagues were involved in; Richard takes a moment to look around the hospital, then he is joined by Stephanie; Meredith goes to make a call, then sees a police car pulling up to the house.


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